This German Magazine Just Published Something OUTRAGEOUS About Trump

A German news magazine published an offensive cartoon of President Trump, per Breitbart, that’s apparently the “style of an Islamic propaganda video.”

In Der Spiegel’s cover art, Trump is holding the head of the Statue of Liberty in one hand and a bloody knife in the other.

Check it out:

The design follows a number of other covers and articles by the magazine, one of Europe’s largest, which have been highly critical of Trump, both during the election campaign and after his election.

Past covers have included a renditon of President Trump as a meteorite speeding towards Earth with the headline “the end of the world”, and a picture of the now-President standing with former challenger Hillary Clinton covered in mud in a snipe at the hard-fought campaign.

Another, showing President Trump surrounded by shooting flames, asked the question with its lead article: “USA: The most dangerous man in the world: Why do we have to take Donald Trump seriously as a candidate for presidential elections?”.

The most recent image has attracted substantial attention and many have said it to be in poor taste.