MEDIA SILENT On What 5 Illegal Aliens Did To A Woman In Washington…

Five illegal immigrants have been charged in the shooting death of a George, WA woman.

Jill Sundberg was allegedly kidnapped and shot 13 times (via Breitbart) after engaging in an argument with one of the men.

Check it out:

The suspects and the material witnesses drove her to a rest area alongside a highway, according to the police report. Varona was seen kicking the back of one of her legs, forcing her to the ground. Rodriguez then allegedly shot her at least 13 times in the head.

After shooting the woman, Mendez Villenueva reportedly wrote a note in Spanish on a piece of carboard and placed it on her back. He secured the message in place by stabbing it into her back with a knife, the report obtained by FiberOne revealed.

The group then fled the scene, traveling to a convenience store where they purchased some beer.

All five men face immigration charges in addition to other charges relevant to the murder.