Polls Are Out On Elizabeth Warren’s Senate Race, And It’s SHOCKING

Polls are showing Elizabeth Warren could be in trouble in her left-leaning Massachusetts district, per Fox News.

The liberal Senator has come out swinging in Washington since the President’s inauguration, hammering cabinet nominees and speaking very publicly against the President’s policies, but she’s going to have an even bigger fight in her home state.

Check it out:

“She is absolutely vulnerable. When she should be working for the people of the state, she is spending her time antagonizing the president,” Massachusetts Republican state Rep. Geoff Diehl, who is considering a 2018 Senate run, told Fox News. “She might as well be running for chairwoman of the Democratic National Committee.”

Diehl was co-chairman of President Trump’s Bay State campaign last year and gained statewide notoriety in 2014 leading a successful referendum to halt gas tax hikes.

Former Boston Red Sox pitcher Curt Schilling, a conservative talk radio host, also is considering running – though how serious, or viable, he is remains unclear. A Suffolk University poll last October found Warren leading Schilling by 58-24 percent.

Experts say a close race for Warren could have a profound impact on her future in politics, not to mention if she were defeated in her upcoming race—a humiliating possibility.

You can view the poll for yourself here.