IT’S HAPPENING: Trump’s DHS Makes BREAKING Announcement…

The Department of Homeland Security just released a pair of memos on President Donald Trump’s immigration enforcement policies.

After the President expanded immigration enforcement powers in January, this seems to be the next major step in Trump’s plan to reduce illegal immigration.

Here is what the memos said (from the Hill):

The two memos from Homeland Security Secretary John Kelly expand immigration raids and the definition of criminal aliens, while diminishing sanctuary areas and enlisting local law enforcement to execute federal immigration policy.

While the implementation of these memos is still unclear, it seems the President is simply calling law enforcement officials, at all levels, to enforce federal law. According to the Hill, the DHS denies any mass deportations:

In a call to explain the policy changes, officials from DHS insisted that they are not seeking to begin a program of mass deportations in the United States.

The memos also describe how law enforcement officials will address child migration:

The document calls for authorities to “ensure the proper enforcement of our immigration laws against those who directly or indirectly facilitate the smuggling or trafficking of alien children into the United States,” including removal or other prosecution.

Rumors that the President was going to use the National Guard were also dismissed:

In the memos, Kelly does not direct National Guard troops to begin helping arrest immigrants in states on or near U.S. borders. That proposal had been included in a draft document that leaked last week, but it was quickly dismissed by White House officials as something that was never seriously considered.

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Trump continues to show what he said during the election process were not just words, but promises he is now implementing.