New Poll Shows How Latinos REALLY Feel About Immigration

According to new poll, Latinos may not be as worried about immigration as mainstream media outlets have shown.

As mainstream media outlets show Latin Americans prioritize immigration, a poll released yesterday shows their main concerns, per the Daily Caller:

Latinos in the United States are not as worried about immigration as pundits and many politicians would have you believe, according to a poll released Thursday by the Pew Research Center.

The survey conducted after President Trump’s election shows that jobs and terrorism are a top priority for Latinos in the U.S. — for both citizens and non-citizens. Among Latinos in general, 73 percent believe improving the educational system is a top priority, 69 percent believe protecting the nation from terror attacks is the top concern and 66 percent believe the top issue is improving the nation’s economy, while only 46 percent think dealing with immigration is the top concern.

Among another group polled, education is still the priority:

Even among illegal immigrants, reforming the nation’s immigration system is second to improving schools, Pew found.

This is a telling result.