CNN Takes Poll Minutes After Trump Address, And They’re STUNNED By The Results…

7 in 10 viewers of President Trump’s speech Tuesday evening said it made them more optimistic about the direction of the country, per CNN.

A new CNN/ORC poll said nearly two-thirds of viewers thought Trump’s priorities for the nation were in order.

Check it out:

The survey, conducted among a group of Americans who said in interviews conducted before the speech that they planned to watch and agreed to be re-contacted, only reflects the views of those who watched the speech, not of all Americans…

On specific issues, Trump scored the highest marks for his proposed policies on the economy, with 72% saying those went in the right direction. Almost as many, 70%, said the same about his terrorism proposals. Slightly fewer, but still a majority, felt his policies on taxes (64%), immigration (62%) or health care (61%) were heading in the right direction.

57 percent of viewers said overall, their reactions to the speech were very positive.