Fox Business Ratings Are SOARING Because Trump Is ‘Tailor-Made For Fox Business’

Fox Business just surged in it’s ongoing ratings competition with CNBC—progress, the network says, that’s a direct result of the decision in 2015 to fill their daytime lineup with CNBC alumni Maria Bartiromo, Stuart Varney, Neil Cavuto, Trish Regan, and Liz Claman (via AP).

Fox Business has also taken a “broader view of business” than the competition. Trish Regan’s show spent most of yesterday discussing the President’s upcoming Congressional address, for example.

Check it out:

“We get that link between Wall Street and Main Street but, more importantly, to K Street,” said Cavuto, also the network’s senior vice president and managing editor, referencing the Washington, D.C. address of many lobbyists.

Trump’s election, and the recent stock market surge, have been tailor-made for Fox Business, he said.

Just today, the Dow Jones Industrial Average reached another record-breaking high following the President’s speech yesterday.