Rallies Are Forming Across The Nation With THIS Message For Trump..

Since his election, there have been seemingly countless rallies and protests regarding President Trump.

Today, however, groups across the nation are rallying together to show support for the President.

These supporters are echoing the results in the November election, that Americans do want Trump as their President.

Per NPR:

“They aren’t giving [Trump] a chance,” Patty Collins, a local organizer, told The Indianapolis Star. “We are here to show support for the president of the United States.”

Saturday’s demonstrations — which were intended to be small, according to the Main Street Patriots — come just one week after Trump tweeted something of a call for rallies backing his administration.

These groups are also seeking to utilize this time to benefit local charities:

For the most part, however, the demonstrations have been peaceful — and in Austin, at least, charitable as well. The Austin Statesman notes that pro-Trump “attendees are told to bring donations for the homeless and veterans, such as canned goods, clothing, blankets and hygiene products, according to the [organizers’] Facebook page.”

Amidst criticism, this showing is a good reminder that many Americans are supportive of the President.


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