Eric Trump FIRES BACK At Democrats Pushing Russia Narrative…

Democrats have been relentlessly pushing the false narrative that Russia is the reason Donald Trump beat Hillary Clinton.

Eric Trump was asked about those allegations in an interview that aired this morning and he didn’t hold back.

Here’s what he had to say.

From The Daily Mail:

Eric Trump on Sunday morning responded to his father’s unsubstantiated claims that he was wiretapped by the previous administration during the presidential campaign, painting Democrats a sore losers.

He also slammed the recent leak of his father’s 2005 tax return as being ‘very third world’, adding that the practice scared him personally.

That position, Eric said in his Sunday Morning Futures interview, means he is better placed than anyone else to know if the company has had deals with the Russia – which he denied while answering a question about Trump’s wiretapping allegations.

‘It’s so ridiculous,’ he said. ‘It infuriates me. think I understand this company better than any human being in the world and we have no projects in Russia. If we had projects in Russia you would see our name on those projects. We’re not exactly bashful about having our name. We like having our names on our buildings.’

Trump’s son was responding to Bartiromo’s question about his father’s claim that the previous administration wiretapped his headquarters at Trump Tower during the presidential campaign.

Republican Senator Richard Burr, the chairman of the intelligence committee, has since said there were ‘no indications’ that Trump Tower had been under government surveillance before or after the election.

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Still, Eric lashed out at  the Democrats, accusing them of trying to hurt Republicans’ image after losing the presidential race.

‘Here’s the narrative. Because a certain party lost an election and they needed to try and put somebody else down that they further and they perpetuate and there’s zero truth behind it and it’s just very very sad,’ he said.

‘I’d like to see that party taking a look at themselves and maybe the leaders of that party shouldn’t be making their password to their computer ‘password’. Why don’t you start there.’

Here’s the video.

Solid response.