UPDATE: Tom Brady Jersey Found, You’ll Never Guess Who Was Responsible

Soon after historic Superbowl LI, Patriots star quarterback, Tom Brady, noticed his game-jersey was missing from his belongings.

Authorities tracked down a suspect and found the missing jersey, six weeks after it was stolen (per Daily Mail):

Fox Sports obtained footage showing the man as he walked into the locker room behind Bill Belichick at 10:04pm with a bag on his shoulder and appearing as if he were a member of the team.

He did not exit the locker room until 14 minutes later at 10:18pm, at which point he could be seen with a shirt under his arm.

That man has now been identified as Mauricio Ortega, a former executive at newspaper company Diario La Prensa.

Locating the jersey involved several different organizations because the jersey was found in another country:

In a brief news release sent out that morning morning, the NFL wrote that the jersey worn by Brady during last month’s game had been located and retrieved thanks to the joint efforts of NFL security, New England Patriots security,  law enforcement authorities and the FBI.

The FBI reportedly became involved in the hunt due to the fact that the jersey was located in Mexico.

Daily Mail also reports that Fox Sports commentator Jay Glazer said Brady may not have been the only player to have pieces of his uniform stolen:

During that same appearance Glazer also offered up another unbelievable twist in the story, revealing that the Denver Broncos believe this same man might have stolen the helmet and cleats belonging to 2016 Super Bowl MVP Von Miller.

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That would mean that the thief stole memorabilia from the past three winners Super Bowl MVP recipients.