Washington Democrat Eyes Voting Edge, Wants This Done To ALL Newborn Children..

Perhaps in a recovery effort of Hillary Clinton losing the presidential election, Democrats are looking to make voter registration incredibly easy.

A Democrat from the State of Washington is hoping to get people registered to vote as they are born.

Per McClatchy DC Bureau:

In Washington state, a local Democratic leader wants people registered to vote at birth.

In Nevada and New Mexico, a liberal group is pressuring the legislatures to let people register when they get driver’s licenses.

In Ohio, progressive activists have thrown their support behind a mayoral candidate because she fights with Republicans about voting access.

Across the country, Democrats and their allies are plotting a quiet and disjointed but considerable push to make voting easier by dismantling registration barriers and promoting candidates who want to expand voting rights. It’s all an effort to reshape the electorate by creating new Democratic voters.

Tina Podlodowski, chairwoman of the Democratic Party in Washington, is looking to make sure her State will not flip back to red:

Her plans to improve voter access in Washington state – which mails ballots to its residents – including paying for the return postage. The stamps are too expensive and hard to purchase for some elderly and low-income voters, said Podlodowski, herself a former candidate for secretary of state.

The idea might sound far-reaching, but the Democratic leader says other countries take even bolder steps to make sure everyone can vote – including registering people at birth.

“If you look at different countries, European countries or Scandinavian countries, basically folks walk in when they’re 18 and they just start voting and don’t have to register,” she said. “Because they were registered at birth.”

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