This Obama-Era Holdover Is RUFFLING FEATHERS With U.S. Border Patrol…

Senior Editor of Breitbart Texas, Brandon Darby, drew some attention to an Obama-era holdover named Kevin McAleenan this week on a Texas radio show. McAleenan has had border patrol agents’ feathers ruffled for some time, per Breitbart.

McAleenan was recently promoted to Commissioner of Customs and Border Patrol, which according to Darby, has many agents feeling “betrayed” by the Trump administration.

Check it out:

“I know that Trump has promised to get the National Border Patrol Council and agents a large voice in what happens on the border,” Darby said. “ Last Friday he picked Kevin McAleenan, he nominated him to be the Commissioner of Customs and Border Protection, the parent agency of Border Patrol.” During the show, Darby spoke on how McAleenan is not only a holdover from the Obama administration, but a key player during the previous administration’s push for a less secure border.

“He nominated this guy .. the problem is that this guy was hired by Barack Obama and was made deputy of [CBP] and all of the things we fought against on the border happened under this guy’s watch and he would have been the one responsible for implementing them. That’s DACA, DAPA and Catch and Release.” Darby said referring to some of the controversial programs started under the Obama administration.

Despite being an Obama holdover, McAleenan’s role appears to have been key in the implementation of those controversial programs, Darby said. “This is the guy who was picked by Barack Obama to enact Barack Obama’s open border policies.” he said.“This guy for some reason has been picked by Trump to be the boss of the border patrol agents who did so much and believed so much in Donald Trump.”

Darby clarified that McAleenan is not the only holdover immigration officials are unsatisfied with.

You can listen to Darby’s full interview here: