Ode To Baseball: Seattle Mariners Just Did Something That May Make Your Skin Crawl

As baseball seasons come and go, somehow the memories of the games, the key plays, and the foods always seem to remain.

The Seattle Mariners may have just added another timeless classic to try at one of their games: grasshoppers.

Per Washington Post:

Each new baseball season brings horrific new ways for fans to stuff their food-holes, as ballpark concessions officials come up with increasingly obscene options to combine one unhealthy food with approximately 16 other unhealthy foods, creating dishes that seem less like treats and more like dares. But the Seattle Mariners kept things comparatively simple this year — at least in terms of preparation and the number of ingredients — tabbing local eatery Poquitos to sell an Oaxacan delicacy called chapulines: grasshoppers toasted in a chili-lime salt.

Check it out: