Mama Grizzly ROARS: Palin Hits Back At Fake News Attack On Her Family

Earlier today, a fake news story was published surrounding Sarah Palin’s visit to the White House.

It claimed the former Governor skipped out on her son’s birthday for the visit.

DailyMail was responsible for the article and said:

America’s most famous hockey mom was in Washington DC this week, jetting off to the nation’s capital rather than staying back in Alaska for her youngest son Trig’s birthday so she could party at the White House with good friends Ted Nugent and Kid Rock.

This was not the case however.

Palin quickly fired back, calling out the fake news story by saying:

More Fake News… I missed my son’s birthday for Trump’s visit? WRONG. Quit making things up just to stir it up. I was home with my son, Trig, for his birthday.