ASTOUNDING! “First 100 Days” Report Compares Trump And Obama…

The American Action Forum just released data which compares Trump’s first 100 days to that of the previous administration.

Per Washington Examiner:

A new study from the American Action Forum found that Trump has imposed new regulations costing $28 million in his first 100 days, compared to the $4 billion erected by Obama in the same period.

Add in the cost savings of slashing Obama-era regulations, and AAF said that Trump has a “negative $3.6 billion” record, a total difference of $7.6 billion between Trump and Obama.

The data should help those who are doubting Trump’s success:

“Both progressives and conservatives can point to the data here as an example of the success or failure of the first 100 days of regulatory policy,” said AAF’s Director of Regulatory Policy Sam Batkins.

“For those skeptical that there was going to be a profound difference between the regulatory records of President Obama and President Trump, the $7.6 billion difference in just the first 100 days should assuage those doubts,” he added.