Co-Founder Of Waffle House Dies, Just After…

On Wednesday, Thomas Forkner, the co-founder of Waffle House, died in his home.

This occurs just after other co-founder, Joe Rodgers Sr., passed away in March.

Per Daily Mail:

Waffle House co-founder Thomas Forkner has died – just weeks after his business partner who helped him create the fast food chain, Joe Rogers Snr, passed away.

Forker, who made the jump from real estate to the restaurant business when he co-founded Waffle House in the 1950s, was 98 when he died Wednesday at his home in Johns Creek – just outside Atlanta.

Joe Rogers Jr. spoke very highly of the hard work the two men put into the company:

‘He and my father never envisioned the company would grow into what it is today, nor how thousands of associates would be positively impacted by the opening of that first restaurant.’