GOP Do Your D*** Job. We Can Handle the Truth!

My input on White House chaos and exploding media heads no doubt isn’t worth two-cents, but I throw it in anyway. Hate yakking about myself and I’m no victim, but understand this:

My experience under a barrage of attacks mirrors President Trump’s, albeit in a minuscule way. I’ve been there – quarterbacking a team without an offensive line. Everyone gets clobbered in an ugly game like that.

As governor, I replaced the top law official for insubordination. Shrill cries of impeachment and a dog pile of false accusations followed, burying a good, sound administrative playbook that could have helped many more people. Supporters and even neutral observers of unfair tactics just assumed everyone recognized truth, so not many spoke up.

A handful of helpers and I were pretty much on our own defending my legal actions against false charges and lawsuits meant to bankrupt my state and my family. But without public vocal support to bring truth to light, any administration’s agenda to move a populace forward ends up getting sacked. It’s especially true when – as in my state – one’s own political party chooses impotency over activism.

Before that, as city mayor, I faced false charges after firing the top law enforcement officer for not doing his job fairly and non-politically in service to the people. (The fired police chief – a holdover from the previous administration that I defeated in our election – actually sued me for sexual discrimination. His suit’s reach was laughable, and after years of expensive legal battle I, of course, won.) I ignored the shrill cries of recall by the minority, and thankfully our team went on to win for our city.

It was too long after my return to Alaska from the GOP Vice Presidential trail across the nation that some sharp observers of the opposition’s tactics stood up and spoke out in my defense. One such observer made a movie about it. That movie’s producer is now in the Trump Administration. So he’s got to know what’s up. Steve Bannon must see the same thing going on today as he saw in my case, leading to his superb documentation of it all in the movie “The Undefeated.”

Surely only a conspirator would think anyone is holding back in order to later on write books, make movies and create wealth documenting White House chaos and the media ‘sploding heads story. Right?

It seems many are shut up and shut out of articulating the boss’s positions and actions, and it’ll end in an ugly way for America if they’re not let loose to speak truth. Even if it’s not what we want to hear, we can handle the truth.

Those who know truth and understand the President’s intentions had better get out front and tell the people what’s going on, before it’s too late.

We just want truth – good, bad or ugly – about actions by the leader of the free world.

It’s baffling that the White House hired and/or kept around so many anti-Trumpers. As I’ve said before, some on an opposing team are impossible to win over. Recognize them early, replace them, move on, and don’t take anything personal. It’s business.

It’s infuriating to know a good, sound playbook to make America great again could be buried under innuendo, outright lies, and hypocritical reporting because honest people in-the-know become silent when naysayers run roughshod.

Watch Steve Bannon’s movie “The Undefeated.” Learn from it. Speak up. Warn the GOP and “Team Trump” players they’d better do their jobs as linemen and protect the quarterback aggressively, vocally, and only – always – truthfully.

Team America loses any other way.

– Sarah Palin


From The Conservative Treehouse, an interesting opinion of one reader:

Bull Durham on May 17, 2017 at 10:01 am

Trump has been mis-served by his staff. Whatever the dynamics of the Oval Office, he has been undermined at every turn. His nominations were delayed and highly abused. His agenda diverted from logical progression. His messaging bungled. His natural allies cast out. His best voices muted. He has been isolated. No one fights for him in public space.

Flynn assassinated.
Bannon marginalized.
Stephen Miller one day and then disappeared.

No one steps up and takes the heat much less the bullet.

Yet, he has the power to draw enormous crowds and passionate following.

So, the question is why are rallies not on his schedule all the time?

More Trump with the People.
Much, much less MSM. No interviews with MSM. Few questions from MSM.
Expand access to alternate media. OANN and some local outlets.
Be Selective with Fox Business and Fox News host outlets who treat him right.
(Lou, Maria, Charles Payne, Stuart Varney, Hannity, Trish Regan) Talk economics, business, trade, taxes, infrastructure, jobs, all the issues that improve lives and expand the economy.

Build a dynamic communications team now.
100% loyalists. No DC professionals.

Task Bannon and Miller and KAC to get this done in 72 hours.
A 24/7 capability to form messaging, to defend messaging, to counter negative MSM and to stay in contact with the PEOPLE, his source of authority.

Trump should be able to put out a short video or audio immediately on any topic, an authoritative “sound bite” in real time, totally crisp and positive that can go viral like a Tweet.

Trump Communiques should dominate the flow of information.

For instance, Comey’s memo should have been crushed with disdain. He never took notes of Hillary, never swore her in, never attended the questioning, never kept notes on all the crimes he reported took place but would not indict, nothing on murders and computers lost, nothing on terrorist warnings. He should have been destroyed 20 minutes after his memo hit the Internet. He is a disgraced director, fired for incompetence.