INFIGHTING ALERT! Joe Biden RIPS Into Hillary Clinton, Saying She Was Not…

Former Vice President Joe Biden confessed that he thought he was a better candidate for the 2016 elections.

Per Fox News:

Former Vice President Joe Biden took a swipe at Hillary Clinton on Thursday, saying upon further reflection she wasn’t a “great candidate” for president.

Biden, although supportive of Clinton during the campaign, says he “never thought she was a great candidate”:

According to Fox Business Network, Biden addressed the Democratic presidential nominee’s surprise November defeat to President Trump in blunt terms.

“I never thought she was a great candidate. I thought I was a great candidate,” he said, adding:

“No man or woman should announce for the presidency unless they genuinely believe that for that moment in the nation’s history they are the most qualified person to deal with the issues facing the country.”

Biden does not entirely rule out a 2020 run for office:

Biden also may have been publicly musing about his own plans. He reportedly said he’s focusing on his family right now, but if it looks like he’s the best person to run, “I may very well do it.”

“Could I? Yes. Would I? Probably no,” Biden said.

Check it out: