The View Goes TOO FAR! Rants “Trump is Danger To The World”

In what seems to be a regular routine, the View trashed President Donald Trump following his first international trip to several Middle Eastern countries, a visit to the Vatican, and participation in the NATO conference.

Whoopi Goldberg specifically highlights the exchange between Trump and German Prime Minister Angela Merkel, echoing Merkel’s comments that “Europe can’t depend on the United States anymore.”

Goldberg angrily remarks, “I don’t care if his supporters care,” Trump is “endangering the world.”

The panel then mocked Trump’s body language and the alleged “shove” of the Prime Minister of Montenegro Milo Đukanović.

They joked, “He would be completely mute without his tweeting hand.”

Sunny Hostin said, “that shove and the body language, those are his power moves. He’s trying to show dominance.”

The conspiracies then went full throttle as Joy Behar mentioned Trump’s connections to Russia and Saudi Arabia.

Check out the full exchange: