BREAKING: Kushner Delivers First Public Remarks EVER As White House Official

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Ivanka Trump’s husband, Jared Kushner, made his first-ever public remarks on Monday as a member of the Trump administration.

Kushner spoke to tech leaders about the importance of modernizing goverment technology, singling out the decades-old technology of the Department of Veterans Affairs.

Check it out (via Daily Caller):

“To date, we’ve been working with hundreds of talented civil servants, men and women, who want to serve their country and see their government do better,” Kushner said. “We have challenged ourselves to pursue change that will provide utility to Americans far beyond our tenure here.”

“Many of our federal systems are decades old, with our ten oldest being between 39 and 56 years old,” he continued.

He continued:

“The VA has 532 forms on, the majority of which are not accessible by modern browsers…our veterans deserve better, and that’s what we’re going to deliver.”

“Our goal here is simple. We are here to improve the day-to-day lives of the average citizen. That is a core promise, and we are keeping it,” he concluded.

The VA has been under scrutiny for years following the revelation that administration officials were cooking the books to avoid catching flack for incredibly long wait times.

Here’s the clip of Kushner’s speech:

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