One Company’s New Application Is Going To Make”Snowflake” College Students LOSE THEIR MINDS

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One marketing firm has added several questions to their application which they believe would help deter applicants who may be easily offended by a love of the United States, the use of firearms, or support for law enforcement.

Kyle Reyes, CEO of Silent Partner Marketing, hopes the tailored application will filter out applicants which will not fit within his company’s culture.

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From Bizpac Review:

Job applicants for a Connecticut-based marketing company have a unique “snowflake” test to pass before being hired.

The Silent Partner Marketing firm is taking on liberal “snowflakes” in an effort to weed out the hundreds of applications they have received. The company has developed a survey to vet potential employees by asking key questions about themselves.The test it sure to make many snowflakes melt:

“What does America mean to you?”“Someone who’s not proud to be an American” would be disqualified from a job at the company, Reyes noted, adding that applicants should also be pro-Second Amendment as many in the company carry firearms and represent clients who do as well.

People interested in being hired must be willing to support and work closely with first responders:

Not only do candidates have to be proud Americans, they also have to be supportive of law enforcement:

One of the test questions asks applicants how they feel about the police.

The marketing company has pledged to donate up to $500,000 worth of services to police and first responders, Reyes shared.

“We work very, very closely with a lot of police departments and so you need to be comfortable and willing to support the men and women who serve and protect,” he explained.

Applicants are also asked when was the last time they cried.

The business firm notes, while being emotional does not prevent a person from being hired:

Emotional people are not a problem, Reyes said, as long as he does not have to provide them with a safe space at the office.


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