Through the victories you gave, his glory is great; you have bestowed on him splendor and majesty.

Psalm 21:5


I adore hardworking mechanics and motorheads, those who can fix anything and love the roar of a combustion engine because they know it’ll get us where we need to go. My favorite one of all is the iconic off-road racer, Walker Evans, whom I mentioned earlier.


Nicknamed “The Legend,” my buddy’s one of the best race car and truck drivers ever.


He was inducted into the Off-Road Motorsports Hall of Fame in 2004 and into the Motorsports Hall of Fame America in 2015. I got the chance to attend the latter ceremony in Detroit. He’s won 142 victories and 21 championship titles in short course and desert racing events during his career, and it was an honor to see someone receive the accolades he deserves. To think, he first raced in a Rambler sedan, which is the first car I remember riding in as a little girl – we would pack into my dad’s light blue Rambler on family road trips along Alaska’s one and only main highway.


Besides my dad, Walker lives life more vibrantly than anyone I know. He’s one of my heroes…and definitely my favorite Californian. Over the years, we’ve hunted, fished, raced cars, and snowmachined together – there’s something so energizing about being around people who are full of life and fun. They say you become the average of the people you surround yourself with, and Walker ups my average.


When Jesus said He came to give us life – and then added that we’d have it “more abundantly” – that message feels extravagant. The fact that God cares about the quality of our day-to-day existence and our energy level and our enjoyment in life is pretty mind-boggling.


Sweet Freedom in Action

Today, surround yourself with people who – like Walker – give life instead of suck it from you. In addition, try to become someone dedicated to the fullness of life so you can share vibrant living with others.

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