RESPECT! There’s One Thing That Chokes Up The New WH Chief Of Staff

The new White House Chief of Staff General John Kelly previously served in the Marine Corps for 45 years and as Homeland Security Secretary.

Kelly admits it was during his service in the Marine Corps that he saw, through the men and women serving alongside him, the “definition of bravery.”

Per Independent Journal Review:

He is also a U.S. Marine general who has served in multiple combat operations overseas and at military installments from coast to coast. Kelly has spent more than half his life in the service and is seen as a “Beacon of Discipline” by his beloved Marines.

The feeling of appreciation and respect is certainly mutual. When speaking of the men with whom he served for more than 45 years, Kelly gets visibly emotional.

In an interview with Marines magazine, Kelly reflects on his storied military career. At one point, the four-star general’s lip quivers, his eyes get glossy, and he speaks about his men, calling them the “definition of bravery.”

Two of the men who fit the “definition of bravery” were Kelly’s own sons who also served in the military:

Kelly knows the cost of that service more than most.

Both of Kelly’s sons followed him into the service. Both followed him to war. One did not return.

According to recent reporting in Independent Journal Review:

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Retired General John Kelly put his life on the line for the American people for nearly four decades in the U.S. Marine Corps.

But Kelly, [formerly] serving in the Trump administration as Homeland Security Secretary, doesn’t just know service — he also knows sacrifice of the greatest measure: in 2010, 1st Lieutenant Robert Michael Kelly, his 29-year-old son, was killed in Sangin, Afghanistan on a patrol.

The memories Kelly takes with him from the Marine Corps still gets him shaken up, check it out: