JUST IN: CIA Confirms Something TERRIFYING About North Korea

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A new report has emerged from the Central Intelligence Agency that North Korea confirming the country has the technological capability of striking the U.S. with a nuclear weapon.

Per the Daily Caller:

A confidential Central Intelligence Agency assessment of North Korea’s re-entry vehicles indicates the country has what it needs to carry out a nuclear strike on the continental U.S., sources knowledgable about the report told The Diplomat.

North Korea conducted its second test of the Hwasong-14 intercontinental ballistic missile in late July, and while the CIA assesses that the re-entry vehicle did not survive the lofted test, it assumes that the re-entry vehicle would perform properly if the missile were fired along a normal trajectory, the sources with direct knowledge of the assessment told The Diplomat.

The CIA assesses that the lofted trajectory put additional stress on the re-entry vehicle, causing it to fail during testing, but believes that the technology would probably not encounter performance problems on a minimum energy trajectory.

Although North Korea has threatened to hit the U.S. territory Guam, the report says all of the United States is within striking distance:

But the latest report indicates the U.S. is running out of excuses to downplay the North Korean nuclear threat.

The Hwasong-14 ICBM is believed to have a range that puts most of the continental U.S. within striking distance, according to leading experts. The Defense Intelligence Agency is certain that North Korea now has the ability to mount nuclear warheads on its ballistic missiles, including its ICBMs, and now, the CIA is largely convinced that the North has a re-entry vehicle.

North Korea is emerging as a nuclear-armed state with the ability to threaten its neighbors and the U.S. with missiles armed with nuclear warheads. The North has achieved what many observers thought was beyond them, and ahead of schedule.

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