SICK! Kansas Doctor Charged After Performing Abortion For 13-Year-Old

A doctor contracted to perform first trimester abortions at a Kansas Planned Parenthood clinic is being charged for breaking Kansas law after performing an abortion on a 13-year-old.

Kansas law requires doctors performing abortions for patients under the age of 14 to preserve fetal tissue recovered from the procedure and give them over to the Kansas Bureau of Investigation; “in the case of any future criminal investigations into how they got pregnant.

Per Daily Mail:

A doctor facing possible disciplinary action over allegations he broke Kansas law in handling a 13-year-old girl’s abortion at a Planned Parenthood clinic told medical regulators Thursday he was unaware of the patient’s age – and that the clinic’s staff was to blame.

Dr. Allen Palmer, a part-time Planned Parenthood contractor who only performed abortions for patients in their first trimester, is accused in a petition seeking revocation, suspension or other action against his medical license that he failed to preserve fetal tissue from the abortion and submit it to the Kansas Bureau of Investigation or a KBI-approved lab.

Kansas’ child rape protection act requires fetal tissue by submitted to the KBI in abortion patients younger than 14, in case of any future criminal investigations into how they got pregnant.

The doctor is blaming the clinic staff for allegedly not disclosing the patient’s age:

During a hearing Thursday, after which the Kansas State Board of Healing Arts deferred its ruling, Palmer insisted he relied on Planned Parenthood’s employees to inform him if the patient during the December 2014 procedure was younger than 14, saying he didn’t do abortions on patients so young.

‘I’m as shocked and awed by this failure as anybody here, but they want to hang it on me, and maybe that’s the way it is,’ Palmer told the board. ‘I’m telling you that I did not know and I would not have proceeded if I had known.’

One board member questioned whether, as a doctor, he should have asked the patient her age; to which the doctor replied he did not want to offend the girl:

But board member Douglas Milfeld, a Wichita physician, asked Palmer whether ‘it never entered your mind’ to ask the patient how old she was. Palmer countered that he used to ask that question of female patients, but that some took offense.

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‘I really don’t ask them, because teenagers today, the way they dress, I can’t tell how old anybody is,’ he said before adding later, ‘They go through counseling. They go through screening. I’m the last person in line for them. If there’s a problem, the staff raised it to me or they notified me somehow.’

‘It was not unreasonable for him to rely on staff,’ Palmer’s attorney, Tom Theis, told the board.