Top Trump Aide WALKS OUT

Top presidential aide Omarosa Manigault drew some controversy after being added to a panel to speak at the National Association of Black Journalists conference, with her addition being called “highly offensive.”

She accepted the invite to discuss how her personal experiences could help contribute to the session on police brutality.

The event itself took a disastrous turn after the Trump aide was pressed to defend a policy position of Trump’s.

Per Daily Mail:

Omarosa Manigault’s appearance at a conference for black journalists descended into chaos as members of the crowd turned their back in protest.

Just moments later the Apprentice star and White House aide walked off the stage in disgust after the moderator brought Donald Trump’s name into a discussion on police brutality.

The walkout occurred during her controversial talk at the National Association of Black Journalists conference in New Orleans in which she told the crowd ‘I fight on the front lines everyday’.

The incident was allegedly caused after Omarosa was asked a question about Trump:

Bounce TV’s Ed Gordon who was moderating the session ‘Black and Blue: Raising Our Sons, Protecting Our Communities,’ attempted to hold her accountable for the administration she represents by tying in her personal story with the administration’s policy, but Manigault was ready to fight back.

The event began cordially, but within minutes, it devolved into a shouting match.

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Manigault refused to allow Gordon to finish a follow-up question and stood up accusing him of being aggressive.

Organizers them played a clip of President Trump’s recent speech encouraging the police to be ‘rough’ with people whom they arrest.

Asked for her comments on Trump’s remarks and changes to criminal justice policies under Attorney General Jeff Sessions, Manigault said, ‘I don’t work for the justice dept.’

Eventually she decided she’d had enough of the tense exchanges and she ended up walking off the stage before the end of the panel.

The announcement of Omarosa first being added to the panel also drew some controversy:

But even before she took to the stage, her very inclusion in the conference sparked controversy with many branding the invite as’extremely offensive’.

An insider told Page Six on Friday that members and moderators have been dropping out of the event after Manigault was added to a panel discussing police brutality.

The source said: ‘The majority there don’t want her involved. It’s heavy drama — even the moderator is refusing. Everyone sees it as extremely offensive.’