Trump Just Said 3 FEARLESS Words To Guam’s Governor

North Korea has threatened to attack U.S. territory, Guam, causing President Donald Trump to call Guam’s governor Eddie Calvo.

Trump says the governor has nothing to worry about and that the United States is full committed to protecting the island.

Per Daily Mail:

This is the moment President Donald Trump tells the governor of Guam ‘not to worry’ about North Korea – and says that the missile threat could even boost tourism ten-fold.

Trump told Gov. Eddie Baza Calvo on Friday, that the US mainland ‘are with you 1000 per cent’ after Pyongyang threatened to launch a missile strike on the island.

You are safe,’ he added, during the call.

Trump says the nuclear threat might even be good for the country’s tourism:

The president said the threat of nuclear destruction could even be good for the tiny US territory, telling the Gov. that both he and the island are ‘going to become extremely famous.

‘All over the world they’re talking about Guam. Your tourism is going to go up like tenfold with the expenditure of no money, so I congratulate you,’ said the 71-year-old in the call, which was filmed and posted on Calvo’s Facebook page.

‘It looks beautiful,’ he added, referring to Guam, ‘You know I’m watching…it’s such a big story in the news. It just looks like a beautiful place.’

The Governor posted the video to his Facebook, check it out:

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