One Detail About Man Surviving Near-Death Experience Is STUNNING Everybody

A man in Missouri survived a near death experience, but what happened after the incident has him telling everyone.

The man says he captured a photo of the guardian angel which saved his life.

Per Daily Mail:

A driver who narrowly escaped death when a driveshaft impaled his windshield just inches from his head says a photo from the scene proves he has a guardian angel.

Steve Montgomery, 56, was driving home from a painting job on Tuesday when a truck driveshaft flew up from Interstate 55 near Imperial, Missouri and struck right at the driver’s side headrest.

A vehicle ahead of Montgomery struck the driveshaft, sending it flying into the air:

Montgomery said he saw the loose driveshaft rolling on the road before a tow truck struck it and sent it flying in the the air.

‘It was just like a launching tube,’ he told KTVI.

‘It’s just like (they) just took it and speared it into the truck…I couldn’t actually sit up because the drive shaft was right where my face was…I shouldn’t even be here talking to you,’ Montgomery told the Fox affiliate.

Montgomery alleges the photos of the wreckage show something truly remarkable:

The painter, driving his new 2017 Dodge Ram, managed to duck down just in time, and then steer the car to safety on the shoulder despite not being able to see.

The car in front of him pulled over, assuming he was dead.

Emergency crews rushed to the scene, and marveled that Montgomery was unharmed.

In one of the photos Montgomery took of the wreckage, there’s a flash of light in the sky, white in a V-shape.

While some might write it off as a reflection or lens flare, Montgomery thinks it’s a sign from above.

‘When I was down and I couldn’t see the highway to keep it in the road, somebody else was driving that truck,’ he said.

‘I think an angel was driving the truck.’

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