I do not understand what I do. For what I want to do I do not do, but what I hate I do.
Romans 7:15

Ever find yourself watching a dog chase its tail, thinking, “Dogs sure are easily amused.” Then you realize – you’re watching a dog chase its tail.

How often do we do this in our spiritual lives? We point out the sin in other people’s lives while feeling self-righteous about ourselves. We gossip about our friends and mock our own goofy family members. My family has been the center of tabloid gossip and mockery for quite a few years now. I wish people paid more attention to their own wagging tails instead of spending time reporting on our lives – or worse, just making things up!

But this speaks to a deeper spiritual problem. Like Paul says in his letter to the Roman church, we often know the right thing to do and yet we choose to do the wrong thing instead. We want to be disciplined and work hard and stay focused, but we find ourselves wasting time on inconsequential things, or even on things that offend our Heavenly Father and hurt our fellow man. We must continually ask God to search our heart and protect us from the distractions of the enemy.

Sweet Freedom in Action

Today, vow to fill your day with God-honoring activities. Choose to not waste time – accomplish that by focusing on His will. Sending up a prayer is never wasted time.


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