To our God and Father be glory for ever and ever. Amen.

Philippians 4:20


This sure is a “me-centric” society. At every turn we’re told to put our wants and needs and own happiness above everything and everybody else.


Jesus on earth was perfect proof that we’re to live knowing there’s much more to life than mere self. In fact, it’s all quite the opposite of self! We were created for the sole purpose of bringing glory not to ourselves, but to God! And how great is that news? It counters a culture full of narcissism, which is vapid, empty, and ultimately unproductive.


It’s awesome to know that when we put ourselves aside and focus on lifting up our fellow man and ultimately bringing glory to God, great things are achieved! The marble plaque on my kitchen counter reminds me of this. Engraved is President Reagan’s quote: “It’s amazing what can be accomplished when no ones cares who gets the credit.”


Our role in His story might mean we never get credit; we might plant seeds for others to harvest long after we’re gone; but we know the effort we made, and so will God.


I also have a quote from Nelson Mandela stuck on my bulletin board: “As a leader, one must sometimes take actions…whose results will not be known for years to come. There are victories whose glory lies only in the fact that they are known to those who win them.” Absolutely true.


Sweet Freedom in Action

Today, forget about being recognized for your good works – in fact, make a point of giving and serving anonymously. That gives God the glory.

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