Kid Rock Addresses Colin Kaepernick At Concert, Says 3 WORDS

Kid Rock just singled-out former NFL quarterback Colin Kaepernick at a rock concert in Iowa.

Kaepernick, who gained fame last year while sitting in protest during the national anthem, was ridiculed by the musician.

Per Independent Journal Review:

Kid Rock performed at the Iowa State Fair over the weekend in what was largely a politics-free event. But the musician, who has been floating a Senate run in his home state of Michigan, could not refrain from mentioning his disdain for those who protest during the national anthem.

Partway into “Born Free,” Rock called out Colin Kaepernick, the former San Francisco 49ers quarterback who took a knee during the national anthem at games last year as a sign of black resistance.

“Football’s about ready to start,” Rock said, per the Des Moines Register. “You know what? F**k Colin Kaepernick.”

The rock star drew a huge cheer from the audience when he said the same words at a concert in Boston last year:

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