Surely the arm of the Lord is not too short to save, nor his ear too dull to hear.
Isaiah 59:1

Sometimes when we hit hard times we forget that God is absolute – all perfect, all powerful and all attentive, including during our trials.

I know a good Christian man who was abandoned by his wife. In his grief, he doubted whether God heard his prayers – and he even came to wonder whether God existed at all.

If you haven’t felt that way, ever, then you’re a better believer than I am.

Seemingly unmerited suffering is one of the greatest challenges to faith.

What is the answer? Well, for me at least, the answer is not to stop praying, but to pray even harder. But one of the things we have to pray for is patience.

This is where trust comes in. In His time, He intervenes as He deems appropriate. It is not for us to try to guess the will of God. It is up to us to be faithful.

Walking with the Lord does not exempt us from trials. But in the depth of those trials, we need to remember that He cares. My friend did get through his dark hour and is a living reminder that life goes on and God blesses in unexpected ways.

Sweet Freedom in Action
Today, remember to never doubt the long-term efficacy of prayers. Keep sending ’em up! Everything you say is heard in heaven, and God’s mercy always comes shining through.


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