Dem Congressman DOUBLES DOWN On Insulting Four-Star General John Kelly

Democrat Congressman Luis Gutierrez has again challenged White House Chief of Staff John Kelly.

Previously the Congressman said the gold star recipient and retired four-star general was a “disgrace to the uniform.”

Now, Gutierrez has demeaned Kelly to doing a politician’s work and says he is “not a general.”

Per Fox Insider:

Illinois Rep. Luis Gutierrez (D) responded to Gen. John Kelly [Ret.], after the White House chief of staff dismissed the Chicagoan’s first round of criticisms.

Gutierrez said Kelly, a retired four-star Marine general, is “a politician, OK, not a general.”

Gutierrez challenged Trump’s chief of staff’s military status because Kelly no longer wears a military uniform:

“What could be more mean and more vicious than to say ‘you’ve got six months to pack up…and leave the United States’?” Gutierrez asked of Kelly.

“I don’t see [him wearing] a uniform,” Gutierrez told the Washington Post. “He’s a politician who works for Donald Trump.”

Kelly eventually confronted Gutierrez’s previous remark that Kelly was a “disgrace” to the military:

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Gutierrez previously called Kelly a “disgrace to the uniform” and a “hypocrite” for siding with “white supremacists enabling the president’s actions” on DACA.

Kelly responded, saying “empty barrels make the most noise.”

“[Congressmen] have the luxury of saying what they want as they do nothing and have almost no responsibility,” Kelly, who served for decades and lost a son in Afghanistan, said.