“King Of Instagram” CRUSHED After New Video

As we previously reported, Instagram star Dan Bilzerian ran from the Las Vegas shooting, somehow finding the audacity to record himself during the incident.

Medal of Honor recipient Dakota Meyer called Bilzerian out for his actions in a post on social media, to which Bilzerian replied, calling Meyer a “retard.”

New footage of the incident shows the Instagram star in an exchange with a police officer, begging the officer for a weapon.

Per Daily Mail:

New footage shows Dan Bilzerian returning to the scene of the Las Vegas shooting and asking a police officer for his weapon so he can fight back.

The ‘King of Instagram‘ was slammed after a video released immediately after Sunday’s attack featured him running away from the gun rampage, in which 58 died.

But the latest clip shows him coming back to the scene and begging a police officer for a weapon so he can shoot back at gunman Stephen Paddock, 64.

The video emerged as Bilzerian dubbed Dakota Meyer a ‘retard’ after the Medal of Honor winner called him a ‘coward’ for running.

In the new video, Bilzerian shows the officer his gun licence, but the cop tells him to go away as bursts of automatic gunfire go off in the distance.

The policeman, who is crouching behind a barrier, shouts: ‘No, get the f*** away from me right now, I don’t know who the f*** you are.’

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The video can be seen here.

Meyer, who bravely defended the country, is a true hero. He is a caring and honorable brother-in-law to Trig Palin with immense character, not as Bilzerian describes “an online blogger looking for five minutes of fame.”