Tucker SCHOOLS “New York’s First Illegal Immigrant Lawyer” On Constitutional Law

Fox News Host Tucker Carlson hosted New York attorney César Vargas to discuss ongoing debates of illegal immigrants blocking roads in California.

Interestingly, Tucker noted Vargas was New York’s first undocumented lawyer – an illegal immigrant granted the privilege to represent citizens and illegal immigrants alike in court.

Carlson opened his questioning by asking if a person in the country illegally should be drawing attention to themselves by breaking laws in protest.

Vargas replied, saying non-citizens were simply exercising their constitutional rights.

The Fox News host then took the New York lawyer to school, check it out:

Tucker to DACA activist: actually, no, illegal immigrants DON'T have a constitutional right to block roads and stop people from going to work.

Posted by Tucker Carlson on Friday, October 6, 2017


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Fellow Fox News Host Laura Ingraham responded to the exchange: