UNLV Professor Just Said Who She Thinks Is Responsible For Vegas Horror

University of Nevada, Las Vegas professor Tessa Winkelmann seems to suggest President Donald Trump is to blame for the nation’s deadliest shooting incident.

In a rant to her students, Winkelmann said because of Trump winning the presidential election that “people were going to die.”

The rant was recorded by a student:

Independent Journal Review reports how students have responded to the professor’s remarks:

“We just experienced one of the worst mass shootings in U.S. History. It’s a mile [sic] away, and we don’t know what happened, we don’t know why it happened, and we’re pushing political agendas, and that’s what this is about, taking advantage of the situation for political belief, when we should be uniting, healing as a community,” the student said.

“At every chance the president got, he condemned this violence. The professor is taking away from the dialogue that should be happening to attack the president,” the student continued. “Professors are in a position of trust, and they’re abusing it to promote their political ideology or agenda. I think it’s dangerous when you blame the president for a massacre and basically shut down students who disagree.”

Another student called the professor’s words “despicable”:

“I think it is despicable that a professor at an institute of higher learning, one that is located in the same city in which this attack occurred, would use her platform to spew such hatred and divisive rhetoric,” the student said.