BREAKING: One Dead, One Injured By Shooter In Charleston

Officers have shot a suspect in the hostage situation that unfolded in South Carolina on Thursday.

A “disgruntled employee” who shot and killed one hostage and injured another, was “critically wounded” by officers, according to CNN.

Check it out:

“This is not act of terrorism,” Mayor John Tecklenburg told reporters Thursday while the situation was going on. “This is not a hate crime. It’s a disgruntled employee who has come on the scene of his employment.”

Several hostages were inside the restaurant, spokesman Charles Francis of the Charleston police said earlier during a news conference.

The shooting was reported shortly after noon.

About 3:30 p.m., the mayor and police said the hostage situation was over and several hostages released safely.

Police have told locals to avoid the area surrounding Virginia’s, a southern-style restaurant in downtown Charleston.

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