Hurricane Harvey Survivor’s Reason For Saying “God Is Good” Is ENDLESSLY Inspiring

One man’s survival story from the destructive Hurricane Harvey, shows just how strong faith is in the face of defeat.

Per Faith Wire:

As Hurricane Harvey sweeps across Texas, devastating families and wiping out homes, some of those affected continue to thank God in the midst of tragedy.

One news station caught up with a victim and his son, walking through the rain to get away from the storm. The interview starts out normally enough, as the anchor asks the man about what happened. He says just yesterday it wasn’t raining and then 45 minutes later, their house was amid a flood. That’s how quick Harvey took over, causing the family to head to the second floor of their apartment — then escape out the second story window into a boat.

Identified as Jeremiah, the man explains how he lost his home and everything he owns, but says, “God is good”:

“We thank God, we thank God — this is all we have,” he said, noting they don’t even know where they will go next. “We lost the car, all the clothes…everything is gone…but we are thankful.”

Check it out:

Others commented that they were inspired by the man’s faith:

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