Hours Before Trump Lands In South Korea, U.S. Military Admiral Sends Message STRAIGHT To Kim Jong Un

Rear Admiral John Fuller, Commander of Carrier Strike Group 1 on the USS Carl Vinson, said Monday that Kim Jong Un “knows the capabilities we have,” according to Daily Mail.

He added that his strike group is “ready.”

Check it out:

‘Right now there are three aircraft carriers there, when we go through there – if we go off the coast [of North Korea] depending on our operations – he needs to think very carefully on how he works with us, he needs to understand that we have capabilities that no other country has.’

The USS Carl Vinson deployed from San Diego and will eventually meet up with the USS Ronald Reagan and USS Theodore Roosevelt within the region of the Korean peninsula.

Here’s more:

The Rear Admiral said: ‘There happens to be three carriers there that are gonna be working together for a while. This is good timing for us.

‘We’re going to go out to provide presence, stability, we’re going to go work with our partners and allies, we’re going to try to foment rules, laws and norms of theater.’

He continued:

Fuller, 52, the son of a retired Army colonel, said the ‘scheduled short cycle’ deployment is the Vinson’s ‘opportunity’.

‘I just know the Carl Vinson strike group is going to do the training to be ready to do what we’re called to do,’ he said.

‘We’re gonna go prepare our forces and our team to make sure that whatever missions they call us to do, so this provides perspective, Korea is one possible contingency plan that the aircraft carrier strike group is supposed to support.’

The Rear Admiral said the ‘beauty’ of what a carrier strike group brings is to project ‘awesome’ power at sea.

‘We don’t have to ask permission to go to some other land to operate our forces, we have the opportunity to use the seas to maneuver freely and we have the capability to project power from the sea as required.

‘But it is also a very stabilizing thing for our friends and allies that this capability is there as needed, we have the will power to use it and we have the proficiency to use it well.’

The USS Vinson is the vessel that transported Osama Bin Laden’s body for his burial at sea.


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