Woman Who Flipped Off Trump’s Motorcade Appears on Megyn Kelly’s Show for Pathetic Reason

Julie Briskman was the woman in the viral photo who was seen flipping off President Donald Trump’s motorcade.

She was celebrated by the left.

Here’s the picture…

Briskman was promptly fired from her job.

From BizPac Review:

Briskman’s employer, government contractor Akima LLC, wasn’t thrilled by the picture, either. They promptly fired her for violating the company’s social media policy after she used the viral photo as her profile picture on Facebook and Twitter.

Since Virginia is an employment-at-will state, Akima has full discretion over who it fires. But that didn’t stop Briskman from complaining about the perceived injustice, citing the case of a male colleague who was reprimanded–but not fired–for calling someone a “f*****g Libtard asshole” on Facebook.

“How is that any less ‘obscene’ than me flipping off the president?” Briskman argued. “How is that fair?”

Recently, Briskman appeared on Megyn Kelly’s failing NBC show.

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She was treated like an American hero for disrespecting the most powerful man on the planet.

From Newsbusters:

On Thursday, NBC anchor Megyn Kelly welcomed Julie Briskman on her morning show, who gained 15 minutes of fame by giving President Trump’s motorcade the middle finger while out for a bike ride in northern Virginia. The studio audience cheered and applauded as Briskman told Kelly “it felt great” to make the obscene gesture to the commander-in-chief.

Her picture splashed across Twitter, Facebook, national and international newspapers and websites. Why? Because Julie Briskman decided, on a whim, to give the bird to President Trump’s passing motorcade,” Kelly proclaimed as she introduced her guest. The crowd erupted into cheers upon hearing the account. It was an interesting story for the host to cover considering she initially told viewers that she was “done with politics” when show premiered in September.


Kelly began the softball exchange by asking Briskman: “And there goes President Trump’s motorcade. And what inspired you in the moment to communicate with him in that manner?” Briskman seized the chance to rant against the President: “Well, all my frustration about this administration just welled up inside of me, and I started thinking about all the things that I think are going wrong right now in our country. And that was the only way I had to give him the message that I wanted to give him.” The audience laughed in response.

Moments later, Kelly wondered: “And how did it feel?” Briskman happily replied: “It felt great.” Amid more cheers from the audience, she added: “Actually, I don’t think anyone’s asked me that question before, but it actually felt great. It was like I got to tell him – hopefully got to tell him how I really feel.” Kelly remarked: “I’m sure he’s heard about it now.”


That’s liberal logic, for ya.

More on Kelly’s show, via Page Six:

“They’ve taken a huge hit with Megyn as their lead-in,” the insider added.

Kelly’s hour of “Today” is down 32 percent compared to a year ago. And “Kathie Lee & Hoda” is down 26 percent.

“Too many people are tuning out NBC. Hoda and Kathie Lee had been a bright spot in the mornings. People are alarmed,” the source said of the slide. Another source told us that “Today” talent is concerned.