Democrats Blame NRA for Mass Murders, But The Numbers Tell A Different Story

It’s now become a regular practice after a mass shooting for all liberals and much of the mass media to demonize the NRA, to talk about how their hands are ‘bloody’ because of the deaths and/or injuries. Some liberals do this often before there are even any facts in the case in yet beyond that there have been people shot, sometimes as with the Texas church shooting, while bodies are still being cleared from the scene.

Here are some of the awful responses to the Texas shooting, some immediately after the shooting broke.

There is the regular chastisement of the ‘gun lobby’ by people like Hillary Clinton, Nancy Pelosi and Chuck Schumer.

Sen. Dianne Feinstein in the wake of the Texas shooting immediately introduced a bill to ban ‘assault weapons’ listing 205 guns in the ban including the rifle that Democrats view as evil, the AR-15.

But is it the gun lobby? Is it the NRA behind the mass shootings?

The Washington Post looked at mass shootings. And it’s difficult because everybody’s standard of what is a ‘mass shooting’ varies. But their standard included where four or more were killed.

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They came up to the conclusion that 948 people had been killed in such mass shootings in the last 50 years.

They used this graphic to count the number of gun-related injuries in 2015, for example.

The big gray part is all gun-related injuries. The darker gray is all the deaths, most of which are suicides. That tiny little black area is the 39 deaths related to mass shootings.

So of these 39 shootings how many of those mass shooting was by an NRA member?

The answer is zero. None of them.

And so far, at least from what has been reported, there has not been a reported mass shooting ever by an NRA member. If there had been, the liberal media would have jumped all over it the second it was learned and the NRA would never have heard the end of it.

That actually says a lot, given that there are millions of NRA members who own guns, including the evil AR-15. Yet somehow that evil association hasn’t turned them into rabid killers.

Indeed while none are NRA members many if not most have been Democrats.

But it should be noted the NRA was involved in the Texas church shooting. And that was because of the hero Stephen Willeford, who ran to the scene in his bare feet with his evil AR-15 and shot the killer as he was reloading getting ready to kill remaining people in the church, was a former NRA instructor.

And thank God he was. As he described what happened and what he did, it needed a man with that shooting experience and weapon. He saw Devin Kelley was wearing a tactical vest and was able to shoot him in the side in an area not covered by the vest.

He shot him again before he fled and then crashed out his car. There were more weapons in the car. Had he been able to get away, who knows who else could have been shot. As Willeford noted, there was another church nearby.

So thank you NRA, what you gave to Stephen Willeford helped save lives.

[Note: This post was written by Nick Arama.]