Liberals Spot Something Odd About Trump and Putin In this Photo — Full Freak Out Ensues

Liberals flipped out after seeing pictures of President Donald Trump meeting with Russia’s President Vladimir Putin during the Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation summit in Da Nang, Vietnam.

They shook hands for the second time in two days and spoke for a few minutes. They later chatted during a group photo of all the world leaders at the summit.

The pictures made liberals crazy and Resistance Collusion theories were off and running.

First, some Resistance folks had trouble understanding how Trump was meeting with Putin in Vietnam, some not grasping that they were both there for the APEC summit.

No ‘secret meeting.’

The next problem was that despite the White House saying that Trump wouldn’t have time for a formal meeting with Putin, the two did end up chatting a few times and shaking hands at the class photo. So that obviously means they were trying to deceive everyone.

Because, of course, shaking hands was treasonous.

And even more than that, they waved at the same time!

And they even were wearing matching outfits! Obvious collusion!

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But of course, all the leaders were wearing the blue silk shirt as part of the tradition of the summit.

From Daily Mail:

Like every other world leader in attendance, Trump and Putin continued one of the annual summit’s odder traditions Friday night, ditching neckties and dark suits in favor of matching blue silk shirts.

Trump is rarely photographed in anything other than a suit or a golf shirt. On Saturday he was back to his usual sartorial formality, wearing a dark suit with a solid red tie.

All the presidents and prime ministers at the Da Nang event played along with the blue silk shirts on Friday,

It’s a tradition that dates back at least to Bill Clinton and the 1993 summit where he gave everyone matching bomber jackets to wear. Indonesia followed it up the next year with some truly ugly batik shirts. And so the tradition was born.

They discussed Syria during their brief chats, issuing a joint statement.

This simple act of Trump doing his job paying attention to Syria was measured as ‘treasonous’ by one of the leaders in the Resistance.

Trump and Putin also had the opportunity to discuss Russian meddling, with Putin pleading his case, saying he did not meddle in the election, according to Trump.

Trust Trump to drive the Resistance nuts.

They’re going to have a tough four years if they keep up this pace of angst.

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