The U.S. Military Just Celebrated Veterans Day In The Best Way Of ALL Time

The U.S. Africa Command took out an al-Qaeda Somali affiliate on Saturday in response to fire on a joint U.S.-Somalian National Army convoy, according to The Daily Caller.

The strike, which happened on Veterans Day, is the second of its kind this week.

Check it out:

Al-Qaida’s Somalian affiliate is known as Al-Shaabab.  Al-Shaabab has stepped up its operations in recent years with several high profile terrorist attacks. The group is responsible for one of the largest suicide truck bombings in history which killed more than 300 civilians in October.

The group’s renewed pace of operations prompted the Trump administration to dramatically escalate U.S. military troops helping the country’s military. The troop escalation marks an increase of four-fold since President Donald Trump took office and reflects growing U.S. concern over an increasingly robust al-Shaabab. Trump has similarly escalated aerial operations against al-Shabab since taking office by designating the country an “area of active hostilities,” which allows U.S. military commanders greater latitude in deciding what targets to strike.

U.S. troops are currently engaged in training Somalian army troops and also assist in intelligence operations so as to fight al-Shaabab.