The Clintons’ Year Just Keeps Getting Worse… LOOK Who’s Back In The Spotlight

In light of recent sexual assault allegations that have come to light all across the country, the media is taking a new look at the accusations made of President Bill Clinton years ago, according to The Daily Caller.

Clinton’s accusers returned to the spotlight after Juanita Broaddrick responded to a tweet by Chelsea Handler suggesting people “imagine” how it would feel to see your accused rapist climb the political ladder.

Check it out:

Journalists, as a result, have begun to take a second look at Broaddrick’s allegations.

In 1999, Broaddrick did an interview with NBC that the network sat on and only released after Clinton’s impeachment, when he was acquitted.

And even then, investigative reporter Michael Isikoff who broke the Monica Lewinsky story, claimed that NBC edited out parts of the interview in which Broaddrick detailed the role that Hillary Clinton played in silencing the president’s victims.

Isikoff recently called for NBC to release the full interview.

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