Jemele Hill Called Trump A ‘White Supremacist,’ But Now He Did This And She’s SILENT

ESPN anchor Jemele Hill made headlines a few months back when she called President Trump a “white supremacist” in a rant on Twitter, according to The Daily Caller.

But upon news that Trump worked with China to have three UCLA basketball players, all of whom were black, released from custody, Hill has been noticeably silent.

Check it out:

LiAngelo Ball, Cody Riley and Jalen Hill were released Tuesday morning after they’d been arrested for allegedly stealing from a Louis Vuitton store. Trump personally asked Chinese President Xi Jinping to get involved, and less than 24 hours later the players were set free.

Instead of responding to calls for her to report the story, she tweeted:

Here’s more:

It’s pretty strange that Trump, who Hill fundamentally believes is a racist, would work so hard to free three young black men from spending years in a Chinese prison if Hill’s accusations against the president hold true. Even if you hate Trump, there’s no way you can look at what Trump did, and not walk away impressed. These players were possibly going to spend the next decade in a Chinese prison.

Thanks to President Trump they won’t even spend a full day behind bars. Very odd behavior from a guy Hill thinks hates black people.