Police Reveal More Information About Cali School Shooting, Say Suspect Has Prior Record

There are now four confirmed deaths in what authorities are calling a “series of shootings” in Northern California.

The shooting primarily took place at Rancho Tehama School, an elementary school.

ABC News reports that a gunman armed with a semi-automatic rifle and two handguns opened fire into local residences and the school, before he was shot and killed by police.

No children were killed, although two children were reportedly injured during the assault and have been hospitalized.

Per the report, Coy Ferreira dropped off his daughter when he heard “what sounded like a firecracker.”

He ducked into a classroom, where he witnessed one student get shot through the room’s windows:

A school employee ran out and yelled for the children to get inside, Ferreira said. That’s when he ran into a classroom and multiple shots came through the classroom windows, hitting a student, he said.

The other injured child was shot while sitting in a truck when the shooter drove by, police said.

Police officers have neither disclosed the shooter’s identity, nor announced a motive.

They believe the school was specifically targeted.

It is also being reported the shooter “did not appear to have a connection to any of the victims.”

The shooter’s indiscriminate violence included the robbery of two vehicles:

Authorities said the shooting started with random shots fired into residences. The suspect then allegedly stole a car and started opening fire through the community, police said.

The suspect allegedly crashed the stolen car, robbed someone and took a second vehicle, authorities said.

At some point, a woman taking children to school passed the suspect, and he allegedly opened fire on them, police said. The woman suffered life-threatening wounds and the child in the back seat sustained non-life-threatening injuries, police said.

According to the report, the suspect has a criminal record:

Authorities said they are aware of a domestic violence incident involving the suspect, adding that he had prior contact with law enforcement and apparently had a history of neighborhood disputes.

Some information about the shooter has been revealed, although it has not yet been confirmed:




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