Professor Pens NYT Op-Ed About Race, Tucker Carlson INSTANTLY Destroys Him

Tucker Carlson took on a New York Times op-ed writer on Monday who penned a piece called, “Can My Children Be Friends With White People?” and the results were exactly as you would have expected, according to Fox News Insider.

Carlson told the Ekow Yankah, who wrote the article, “You should never generalize about people on the basis of their skin color because it reduces them to the sum total of their skin color.”

“That’s the definition of racism, and you’re engaging in it in this piece,” he added.

Check it out:

“Not that white people are unavailable for friendship, but in this world it is up to our white friends and allies to be sure to stand up for those that are under attack,” Yankah explained.

Carlson responded that Yankah was generalizing an entire race of people based on a few he took issue with.

Here’s the clip: