MUST SEE: News Outlet Includes Biased MESSAGE Amid Texas Church Shooting Report

Last Sunday, a crazed gunman entered a Texas church and shot over two dozen people in the congregation.

Police investigators say 26 people were killed and several media outlets accurately reflected the death toll, including Daily Mail, Fox News, ABC News, NBC News, CBS News, and others.

Here’s what CNN tweeted the Sunday after the shooting incident:

Did you catch it?

Of the victims, an eight-months-pregnant mother was killed.

CNN however failed to identify her child as a person, reporting the death toll was “25 people and an unborn child.”

Some people on Twitter immediately took an issue with the tweet, per IJR:

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It should be noted the First Baptist Church recognized “Baby Holcombe” as a separate person in their memorial. They placed one pink rose in the seat as seen in the featured image.

CNN accurately reported 26 people were killed in a number of other reports.