Following Reports Of Congressional ‘Shush’ Fund, Laura Ingraham DROPS The Hammer

Laura Ingraham is calling for an investigation into reports that a Congressional fund has paid alleged sexual assault victims more than $15 million in recent years, according to Fox news.

Even high-ranking officials were reportedly in the dark about the fund’s existence.

Check it out:

Ingraham said on “The Ingraham Angle” that Reps. Jackie Speier (D-Calif.) and Barbara Comstock (R-Va.) have testified that they know of at least two members and and aide who have engaged in sexual harassment.

“Why aren’t they naming names? Why aren’t others naming names?” Ingraham asked.

Ingraham said all members have an obligation to reveal the sexual misdeeds of their colleagues and also who has precipitated payments from the “shush” fund.

“We all have a right to know. They work for us. I want the names of the members accused.”

Here’s the clip: