NEW! Kevin Spacey’s Old Employment Offers Up 20 More Allegations

Last month, Hollywood actor and producer Kevin Spacey was accused of sexual harassment by fellow actor Anthony Rapp.

Now, nearly 20 others reports of inappropriate behavior have been offered up against the Hollywood star.

Before serving in Hollywood, Spacey had a career working as an Artistic Director for The Old Vic theater company.

After the London-based company conducted an internal investigation of Spacey’s decade-long tenure, it reported nearly two dozens alleged incidents of “inappropriate behavior.”

The theater apologized for not responding to the incidents sooner, per USA Today:

In a report issued Thursday, the theater also said that despite having escalation processes in place, “it was claimed that those affected felt unable to raise concerns and that Kevin Spacey operated without sufficient accountability.”

“On behalf of The Old Vic Board of Trustees, to all those people who felt unable to speak up at the time, The Old Vic truly apologises,” chairman Nick Clarry said in a statement. “Inappropriate behaviour by anyone working at The Old Vic is completely unacceptable.”

The theater previously released a statement regarding the allegations, “The Old Vic would like to respond to recent media reports by making it clear that we are deeply dismayed to hear the allegations levied against Kevin Spacey, who was Artistic Director from 2004–2015.”

“Inappropriate behaviour by anyone working at The Old Vic is completely unacceptable. We aim to foster a safe and supportive environment without prejudice, harassment or bullying of any sort, at any level, as set out in our joint statement with the theatre industry on 23 October,” they said in the statement.

They continued, “We want our employees to feel confident, valued and proud to be part of The Old Vic family. Any behaviour we become aware of which contravenes these goals will not be tolerated.”

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The theater requested others who were victims of similar misbehavior to come forth, adding, “any experience shared will be treated in the utmost confidence and with sensitivity. We have appointed external advisors to help us deal with any information received.”

In their new statement, they confirm the incidents, but say no legal challenges were brought against Spacey:

In its statement, the Old Vic’s artistic director Matthew Warchus said: “These allegations have been a shock and a disturbing surprise to many of us. It is incorrect, unfair and irresponsible to say that everybody knew. But as a result of the investigation, what we have learnt is how better to call out this behaviour in future.”

The theater said the investigation, performed by external law firm Lewis Silkin, found the 20 supposed incidents pertaining to the Old Vic occurred from 1995 to 2013. None of the alleged incidents took place when accusers were minors, according to the theater. It also insists that “no legal claims, formal grievances, formal disputes, settlement agreements or payments made or authorised were made at all in relation to Kevin Spacey during his tenure.”